How We Work

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Step 1. Get in touch

We’ll discuss your project, make sure we have everything we need and get you connected to your team in whatever way suits you, via email, online, phone and cloud.

Step 2. Plan

Our team reviews your request, designs the ideal strategy and presents your solution. Once approved, you can leave us to set up your project while you relax.

Step 3. Go

Assisted by our online platform your project manager will ensure all the required language experts are successfully assigned to your project.

Step 4. Survey

Each language expert screens your brand or logo. They check for linguistic reasons why your brand may not work, such as unwanted meanings, negative associations, pronunciation issues and cultural sensitivities.

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Step 5. Review

Once all surveys are in, the project team will bring together all the information, clarify answers with the experts if required and provide a final overall check.

Step 6. Success

The project is complete and your reports are presented online or as a deliverable if requested.

Minimal effort for you with clear, comprehensive results.

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Simple yet comprehensive.

Why not start your easybrandcheck project today.

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Our unrivalled diversity is provided by linguists in 139 countries across the globe. With 110 languages available we can check your brand for any potential market and we’re adding more languages and countries all the time. From regular name checks to something truly ‘out-there’, contact us and we can make it happen.

World Class

Our linguists are all language professionals, working in related fields such as teaching, journalism and writing. We add experts for new regions and languages whenever required, so we are always able to meet the demands of your project.

Each expert must pass our Quality Assurance test before being added to our database. Their work is also continuously monitored to ensure we feedback only the most relevant and accurate advice to you.

Quality matters to us because it matters to you.

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All this expertise goes to work for you when you choose easybrandcheck

If you’re just starting out, expanding overseas or growing your product range, let us make sure your brand holds to same high value across the globe.

Need to know more?

Here is a quick FAQ. If you still have questions after this just contact us, we welcome enquiries.

Why check at all?

Many things can go wrong with brands, names and slogans, they may be:

  • Hard for locals to pronounce
  • May sound rude or unpleasant
  • Ambiguous or with unwanted associations
  • Offensive to important cultural groups
  • Already in use by a competitor

What do you actually check?

Brand names, taglines or logos are checked against localised linguistic and cultural criteria for negative meanings or connotations. We will screen for potentially rude or offensive associations but also for sensitivities such as religion, meanings which might be funny and undermine the product and the unpredictable cultural eccentricities every country has.

The analysis is carried out by professional language experts who are native to the region or language. Depending on your need, we can check general usage, or use in expert fields such as medicine or academia.

Is it confidential?

Your submissions are only visible to the linguists that have been granted the survey. We have non-disclosure agreements with all linguists in our database. Only the customer and the easybrandcheck moderators have access to the analysis results. The results and statistical figures will not be made public or used for any other purposes.

When can I expect the results?

Depending upon project size, results are returned within three to seven days for most languages. Naturally large scale, complex or ongoing projects will have custom lead times.