Making sound choices

When converting a brand name to a language using a different script you can choose to get a phonetic translation of the original pronunciation. Our client requested phonetic translations of a list of brand names in various languages in non-latin scripts; such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and more.

This was a 3 stage project where we initially collected various options of phonetic ‘translations’. In the second stage the phonetic translation was offered to in-country validators to select the most assonant versions. In the last stage, the selected translations were tested for resemblance to the original pronunciation.

Since easybrandcheck have linguists in over 130 countries this was no problem. With over 1,500 linguists worldwide, we had plenty of people to help us make up the test groups.

We help even with the more unusual requirements of brand naming, to make sure your brands move to another country is smooth and successful.

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